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Furnish your
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At home or away, your workspace is important. The right furniture will help you stay organized and focused in your office environment. When it comes to setting aside a space that’s meant to foster productivity, be intentional about creating a collection that you love for this room.

  • Desks
  • Bookcases
  • Office Chairs
  • Printer Stands
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Lateral File Cabinets

What to consider when
shopping for office furniture

1 Measure your space

Measuring before you start to look for furniture will be your best first step. Take note of any doors or windows in your office. Note how much clearance your door needs as well as how high your windows are from the floor. Locate and note wall outlets, which are especially important in an office. You may not want your furniture to block or be too far from an outlet. Sketching your layout may be helpful during this step. You can download our graph paper to draw and use a simple room sketch.

Download our graph paper

2 The desk

At Yoder’s Amish Furniture, we have a variety of desk options to choose from. While flat-back desks may be more affordable, these desks are unfinished on the front side, which is usually pushed up against a wall. If your desk will ever sit in the center of the room, consider getting a finished back, which is an option for all our desks.

Executive desks are usually L-shaped and sometimes feature an overhang so chairs can be placed on the other side for meetings. Think about where your desk will go. This could make a difference in the type of desk that you choose. Is it close to an outlet? Could the light from a window reflect off your screen and bother you?

3 Decide what else is important

If you’re organizing a lot of papers, a file cabinet is a good investment. Bookcases are a great way to both organize and add a personal touch. We also offer printer stands and office chairs. Your fully furnished office could only be one visit away!

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